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On a regular basis, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) conducts audits for individuals and businesses to make sure they fulfill their obligations, apply tax laws correctly, and receive any amounts to which they are entitled. The CRA selects files to audit based on a number of conditions such as the potential for errors in tax returns or indications of non-compliance with tax obligations. The CRA also looks at the information it has on file and may compare that information to similar files or consider information from other audits or investigations.

CRA may conduct audits in the following areas:
  • Corporate income tax
  • Personal income tax and related claims
  • GST/HST returns and rebates
  • CPP/EI and income tax for payroll
  • Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED)
In case you get audited by CRA, do not panic and we can help you out. Over years we have been dealing with CRA on behalf of our clients for all areas of tax dispute resolution. Our professional team is able to help you successfully manage the life cycle of tax audit, from pre-audit prevention to audit examination management to post-audit dispute settlement.
Our tax dispute resolution services can help you:
  • Discuss the audit scope and requirements with CRA
  • Prepare books and records, documents, and information for the audit
  • Discuss audit proposal with CRA and resolve factual disagreements
  • File an objection if you disagree with the audit results
  • Appeal to the Tax Court of Canada, if necessary
  • Develop policies and processes to help you prevent future CRA audits
With a proven track record and an excellent relationship with CRA, we execute well-managed tax disputes, audits, and examinations so that you have comfort in obtaining your expected outcome.
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