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The complexity of corporate tax issues demands companies choose a tax partner with a full range of services and industry experience ready to deliver a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our suite of corporate tax services are delivered by talented tax professionals who bring knowledge, innovations and solutions from a national and international perspective. Our list of corporate tax services includes:

Corporate Tax Compliance
The risks from tax compliance errors or ineffective tax management are too high to ignore. We keep up with changing Canadian and foreign tax laws and help your company face the increasingly complex requirements of income and other tax return preparation through cost-efficient tax compliance services, including

  • Compiling financial statements
  • Preparing corporation tax returns
  • Filing GST/HST returns
  • Preparing T3, T5 and other tax returns
  • Fling T4/T4A/ T5018 returns and ROE
Tax Planning and Risk Management
Is your company tax aggressive and putting you on Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audit radar? Is your company tax risk-averse and leaving too much money on the balance sheet? If you answer yes to the above questions, your company may need to re-think the tax planning and risk management strategy.

The CRA has changed the way they select files for auditing by replacing its conventional selection method with a new risk-based approach. To address this new audit trend, we will assist the companies to recognize, quantify and address their tax risk and the resulting CRA profile.

We help companies develop tax effective strategies to extend your wealth. Our priority is to understand your overall financial situations and planning so we can identify tax strategies that help you achieve your goals.

Our tax planning and risk management services can help you:
  • Gain a better understanding of your company’s risks and exposures
  • Develop sound policies and processes to safeguard your organisation against heightened scrutiny from CRA
  • Implement consistent and defensible practices and policies
  • Propose and implement comprehensive tax strategies to minimize and defer tax
  • Represent you to deal with CRA on tax disputes, examinations, and audits
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